Khamil Scantling is the founder and CEO of Cocoapreneur Pgh, LLC, a Black business consultancy firm based and focused on the Greater Pittsburgh area. Born and raised in East Orange, NJ, a Black suburb of Newark, NJ, Khamil’s surroundings heavily shaped her outlook and philosophies on Black life.


Khamil came to Pittsburgh in Fall 2005 to attend The University of Pittsburgh and was culture-shocked when she witnessed the lack of diversity in Pittsburgh and among the Black communities in Pittsburgh. Over the next 10 years, she would grow an affinity to Pittsburgh that eventually led to her wanting to contribute to Pittsburgh’s growth. With her upbringing in mind, she thought that Pittsburgh could easily have thriving middle class neighborhoods. She began a campaign to assist Black businesses in predominantly Black neighborhoods in Pittsburgh with the goal of economically strengthening those spaces. This campaign eventually led to Cocoapreneur Pgh, LLC.


Cocoapreneur serves as a liaison between the community and small Black businesses. The aim is to make Black businesses better equipped to serve the communities in which they reside and to point consumers to the Black businesses in their communities that contribute most to it. Khamil created the Cocoapreneur Directory to compile and organize Pittsburgh’s Black businesses and provide consumers with businesses in their neighborhoods that they could support and provide Black entrepreneurs with the traffic they need to flourish. She also co-founded Greenwood Week Black business conference and raised over $100,000 for Black business relief during COVID-19.

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